New Release! DON’T BREAK MY HEART is available

Many readers have e-mailed me and expressed an eagerness to see more of the characters from previous Return to Redemption books. When I wrote the ending for A Heart Decision, I thought, what better way to give readers a chance to visit with the citizens of Redemption than at a destination wedding and holiday getaway.Consequently, when I planned Justin and Trisha’s reunion story, I knew I had to bring them back together at Luke and Sabrina’s reception.

Don't Break My Heart Digital Cover SmallerRemember Justin—Nick’s brother from The Great Bedroom War? And what about Haley, Dani’s best friend?

Justin will finally  get his own happy-ever-after when he and his goddaughter, Haley, join the rest of Redemption celebrating the wedding of the year!

Architect Justin Riverá recently lost his best friend and business partner to cancer. Before his widowed buddy died, Justin agreed to become his fifteen-year-old goddaughter’s legal guardian. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know a thing about raising a teenage girl or have the slightest clue how to cheer up Haley, who’s facing her first Christmas without her parents.

When his brother’s family (which includes Haley’s best friend), are invited to Luke and Sabrina’s Christmas Eve destination wedding—which involves a three-day vacation at a mountain ski resort—his brother insists they should join them for the holiday. For Haley’s sake, Justin agrees, never suspecting one of the other guests is his first and only love, who, for some mysterious reason, disappeared sixteen years ago, deserting her family and all of her friends—including him.

When high school counselor Trisha Mason sees her unforgettable college boyfriend at a wedding, she’s tempted to run the other way. Much to her dismay, he’s hunkier than ever, and his goddaughter is a determined matchmaker. Consequently, when Justin attempts to resume their relationship by seducing Trisha, she can’t resist falling into bed and in love with him all over again.

She’s always had a soft spot for troubled teens, and would love to be Justin’s wife and Haley’s stand-in mom. But despite being eager to spend more time with her in and out of bed, Justin still seems as anti-marriage as he was in college. Regrettably, Trisha has no choice but to end their fling after their vacation. Otherwise, she’ll be forced to confess her secret.

Buy this book today at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  and Smashwords

It will also be available on I-Tunes and Kobo in another few days


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The Parent Pact only 99 cents!

The Parent Pact DigitalI’m happy to announce that from now until the end of the month, The Parent Pact will be only 99 cents at all major e-book retailers. If you haven’t already read it, this is a great time to get it.

This book introduces the hero and heroine in my newest release, A Heart Decision.

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A Christmas Gift

Christmas BearBefore I get super busy with the holidays, I want to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas and a HA Little Bit of Deja Vu 200 X 300The Memory of You 200 X 300appy New Year. To  celebrate the holiday and to thank everyone for their support this past year, I’m giving away the digital version of The Memory of You until after New Years and dropping the price of A Little Bit of Deja Vu to only 99 cents! If you’ve already read them, send a copy as a gift to someone who you think will enjoy them.

I hope everyone has a blessed year in 2014.


The Memory of You at AmazonI-Tunes, and Barnes & Noble

(B&N hasn’t adjusted yet, but will soon.)

Little Bit of Deja Vu at   Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and I-Tunes

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No Exchanges, No Returns Remedy

I just spoke to Amazon’s customer service department to get instructions on how to remedy the problem of replacing the wrong book with the right one in your copy of No Exchanges, No Returns. I was told that if you DELETE the book just from your DEVICE and then RE-DOWNLOAD it from the CLOUD (Don’t return or delete from your Kindle account and repurchase) you SHOULD get the right version of the book.  If you don’t, the representative recommended that you call Amazon’s customer service department, at 1-866-216-1072, and let one of the Kindle specialists help you. I’m sincerely sorry this happened, and I hope when it’s straightened out that you enjoy the book.

If you happened to read, A Heart Decision in the process, please keep in mind that what you received was a rough draft. Some of the dialogue is different in the final version, and the typos have been corrected. That version may also have a different epilogue, as the original one became chapter 17 and a new epilogue was written.

Thank you for understanding!

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OOOPS! Big time!

I always say there’s no point in doing something stupid unless you can brag about it.

I’d like to apologize to all of my readers. Somehow the file with a rough draft of my new book got posted to No Exchanges, No Returns on Amazon yesterday . I uploaded the correct file there this afternoon. If you go to your Amazon account to Manage My Kindle, you should be able to update it to the correct story. Please accept my sincerest apologies. It was completely accidental. If anyone has any difficulty getting the correct book, please let me know.  If you happen to read the rough draft, please forgive all the typos and unedited story.

Thanks for your understanding.



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Return to Redemption series BOOK 5 COMING SOON!

A Heart Decision Digital Christmas Cover SmallerI find myself constantly apologizing for neglecting my blog, but I assure you I’ve been busy finishing the next story (BOOK 5)  in the Return to Redemption series, which I hope you’ll love as much as the others.


Readers have been asking which one of Tyler’s best friends his sister, Sabrina, will finally end up with. Luke or BJ (Ben)? Even she doesn’t know!

This Christmas she’s marrying one of them, and it’s really A HEART DECISION.

Come join all of Redemption for the wedding of the year!

On her wedding night, Sabrina will share the  bridal suite

with one of her brother’s best friends.

Which one?  She has no idea!

Sabrina Fitzpatrick helped plan her dream wedding last year—for her brother and his wife. Now, she wants her own Christmas Eve ceremony. She’s tired of waiting for commitment-phobe, Detective Luke Marino, to realize she’s been crazy about him since puberty. Consequently, when Luke’s billionaire friend asks her to marry him, she’s compelled to accept BJ Elliott’s proposal, especially after he suggests their impending marriage might induce his idiot pal to finally step forward. Unfortunately, a week later, adrenaline-junkie Luke risks his life again and ends up temporarily confined to a wheelchair.

 BJ would love to give Sabrina an unforgettable wedding night, but he fears she’ll never be happy with him if she doesn’t resolve her feelings for his buddy, first. Therefore, even knowing he could lose her, BJ persuades her to become Luke’s live-in nurse—offering her one last chance to convince the man she loves to take BJ’s place at the altar (which BJ doubts his friend will ever do). If nothing else, he hopes Love’em and Leave’em Luke can convince Sabrina he’ll make a lousy husband.

 Luke has two secrets not even his best friends know. The first is he aches for Sabrina with every fiber of his being. The second is he loves her enough to spare her the heartbreak that being his wife would undoubtedly entail. Much to Luke’s dismay, his resolve to resist his buddy’s fiancée is tested after Sabrina steps in as his nurse and starts prancing around in nothing but his threadbare T-shirt. If he surrenders to her seduction, it may destroy his relationship with BJ. And, worse still, if he gets a taste of loving Sabrina, how can he ever stand by and let her marry his friend?

If you would like to be notified when the book is available,

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Tomorrow, Saturday, March 19th between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m., my local Romance Writers of America chapter, The Bucks County Romance Writers will be holding a special meet and greet at the Doylestown Bookshop in Doylestown, PA. Attendees will have the opportunity to have the first page of a novel evaluated by an editor, agent or a published author!

There will be tea, coffee and other goodies!

The bookshop is also holding a author book signing where I and several other local authors will be signing our novels. It would be great to see some familiar faces!

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Happy Valentine’s Day 99 cent special!

No Exchanges No Exchanges Alt Small

I’m pleased to announce No, Exchanges, No Returns—Book 4 of the Return to Redemption series, is part of the Indie Book Festival’s Valentine Sale and will be only 99 cents for the next three days.

The Valentine’s DayE-Book SaleToday’s hottest ebooks are on sale under $5 from Feb 14-16 only!

Mystery, romance, young adult – there’s something for everyone …

… including the chance to win 1 of 4 $25 Amazon gift cards!

Check out the Indie Book Festival’s Valentine E-book Sale!


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Catching up on what’s new . . . A NEW Release

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Life was crazy during the holidays, however, I wasn’t idle. You may have noticed the covers for The Great Bedroom and No Exchanges, No Returns have had facelifts. If you haven’t seen their new look, here they are.

The GreatBedroomWar Cover Smaller       No Exchanges No Exchanges Alt SmallWhat else have I been doing?

I started writing my next Laurie Kellogg novel, which I hope to release this summer. Unfortunately, my alter ego, L.L. insisted she needed to publish Book Two in her Seduction series, first.  As always, L.L. went off half-cocked and took what should have been a basic romantic comedy and added a dark, edgy suspense subplot. We fought about this for months because I don’t write romantic suspense.

So once again, we ended up writing a fence-straddling novel with a foot in two different yards, so to speak.  She took me places I really didn’t want to go, creating several villains, one of whom is the nymphomaniac, Lily Parsons, who blackmailed Jordan Calder into giving her cousin, Nora, a job in his pharmaceutical lab in Hypnotic Seduction.  However, as I may have mentioned before, there’s no reasoning with L.L.  She’s a bit of flake.

So here I am today, announcing the release of L.L. Kellogg’s Book Two of the Seduction series, The Naughty Never Die.  Despite the edgy subplot, it’s still a Red-hot Romance that’s a Little Naughty and a Lot of Fun!

If only the good die young,
then New Jersey’s virtuous First Lady should be a cinch to kill
Unless . . . deep down she’s really quite naughty

The Beauty—She’s had enough of her goody-two-shoes life

The Naughty Never Die Book Cover SmallerSince her mother’s untimely death, Josephine Callahan has served as New Jersey’s First Lady. Acting as her father’s official hostess in the governor’s mansion is tantamount to living in a fishbowl, which makes S-E-X extremely difficult. On the brink of a nervous breakdown, frustrated Josie loses her usual good sense along with her cool and lets her assemblyman boyfriend talk her into a romantic Valentine getaway—a secret rendezvous she would never consider if she had a clue someone is trying to kill her.

The Beast—Beneath his scars lurks a hero

A deliberately twisted message—via the governor’s spiteful, assistant—misleads ex Special Forces officer DJ Ryder about the true objective of his freelance assignment. He’s told to, not only track down the governor’s classy daughter and hold her in protective custody, but to also teach her a lesson by letting her believe she’s been kidnapped. When Josie discovers the scarred, but still incredibly sexy badass has played her for a fool, she retaliates by feigning a raging case of Stockholm syndrome, teasing the brute until all he can think of is the ‘hold her’ part of his orders. How can Ryder concentrate on keeping Josie safe when he’s busy avoiding the danger she poses to his heart?

WARNING: L.L. Kellogg’s books are a little edgier and racier than Laurie Kellogg’s titles. However, if you like Red-hot Romance that’s a Little Naughty and a Lot of Fun, L.L.’s stories are probably for you!


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99 Cent Pre-Holiday Sale!!!

99 books

PRE-HOLIDAY SALE!The Great Bedroom War Book Cover Smaller

I’m happy to announce that today only, Book Two of the Return to Redemption series, THE GREAT BEDROOM WAR will be an Amazon 99 cent deal of the day along with 99 other authors whose titles selling for only 99 CENTS!!!!  This is a great opportunity to get a lot of fabulous books cheap with a chance to win $990 worth of prizes. To enter the contest go to

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